Wood Waste/Wood Chips & Animal Bedding

Woodwaste is made up of discarded materials from processes such as door and window manufacturing, cabinet manufacturing, pallet reclamation, and other wood related processes. Only kiln dried processed wood can be utilized

Wood is a natural, organic material that can easily be recycled. North Iowa businesses generate over 6000 tons of woodwaste each year. Prior to 1997, all of this wood was buried in the landfill, taking up valuable landfill space. Most woodwaste can be easily separated at the source. Wood is a renewable resource, but has historically been abused. Being an organic material, woodwaste can actually be reused in a variety of ways.

Manufacturers that generate woodwaste are offered a 50% reduction in tipping fees for separated, clean, grindable woodwaste. This has helped divert over 130 tons of wood from being landfilled each week. Wood is delivered to the processing area and stock piled prior to grinding. Initial grinding is done with a 2 1/2 inch screen. Secondary grinding (for animal bedding) is done with a 3/4 inch screen. Woodchip product is used on Landfill property, offered to the public, and sold to animal bedding companies.

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