Iowa Waste Exchange

The Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE) finds new uses for items businesses no longer want or need. Since 1990 the IWE has matched more than 3 million tons of waste items with new owners, keeping that waste out of the landfills and saving Iowans $72 million by diverting the material into production and use.

How does it work? The IWE features a sophisticated, interactive database with the most up-to-date information on materials available for exchange and reuse. The database is available free of charge. Businesses, industries and local governments can list items they want to get rid of in the database or they can post a listing for items they need.

Iowa Waste Exchange area resource specialists are also available to help businesses match their waste with other businesses that need raw materials. Individual consultation sessions are free, confidential and nonregulatory. Whether you are looking for a particular material or need to get rid of a byproduct, the Iowa Waste Exchange can assist you.

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