Services & Education

  • LNI EMS Policy Statement

    LNI EMS Policy Statement

    Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Policy Statement    The Landfill of North Iowa (LNI) is committed to developing and maintaining an…

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  • EMS Policy Statement

    Landfill of North Iowa EMS policy statement

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  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

    Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

    Solid Waste Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Since the early 1990’s Iowa has utilized a Comprehensive Planning system of solid waste planning…

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  • Cell Phones For Soldiers

    Cell Phones For Soldiers

    *DONATE YOUR CELL PHONE * The Landfill of North Iowa has partnered with Cell Phones for Soldiers as a drop-off…

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  • Brush/Mulch


    Tree branches, brush, and stumps are accepted from The Landfill of North Iowa Service Area. Branches/Brush & Stumps must be…

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  • Tires


    The LNI accepts tires ON or OFF the rim. Car/Truck Tires  $5.00/Tire Tractor Tires  $15.00/Tire Recycled tires can be made…

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  • Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal

    The Scrap Metal Bin is located at the convenience area. Follow the color-coded signage. Scrap metals included; Aluminum/metal siding, tin,…

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  • Habitat For Humanity ReStore

    Habitat For Humanity ReStore

    Habitat for Humanity ReStore The LNI has partnered with the North Central Iowa Habitat for Humanity ReStore to provide a…

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  • Mixed Paper

    Mixed Paper

    A green container is located at the convenience center for mixed paper. Please make sure you are placing your recyclables…

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  • Mixed Plastic Containers

    Mixed Plastic Containers

    A green container for MIXED PLASTIC is located at the convenience center.   ACCEPTED Plastics #1-5 & 7 Bottles, jugs,…

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  • Cardboard


    Cardboard can be placed in the green container that is designated for CARDBOARD ONLY! Break down boxes flat. Remove any…

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  • Fees & Location

    Fees & Location

    The Landfill of North Iowa accepts garbage, including furniture, from our service area residents and businesses at 15942 Killdeer Ave,…

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  • Inclement Weather Closings

    Inclement Weather Closings

    If weather conditions are dangerous to staff or customers for example flooding, high winds, or snow the landfill may temporarily…

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  • Service Area

    Service Area

    Waste can only be accepted from Landfill of North Iowa’s service area which includes the following counties; rural Cerro Gordo…

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  • What To Do When Arriving at LNI

    What To Do When Arriving at LNI

    What to do; Stop at the scale upon arrival. Wait for the green light to exit scale. Only one vehicle…

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  • Restrictions


    Not all waste can go into the landfill. Some materials are banned at local, state and federal levels. Banned items…

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  • Asbestos


    The Agency accepts both non-friable and friable asbestos. Prior notification and special delivery times are required.  If you have asbestos…

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  • Industrial & Special Waste

    Industrial & Special Waste

    If your business or facility generates non-hazardous industrial waste, written approval and special handling may be required if you need to…

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  • Field Trips & Programs

    Field Trips & Programs

    Field Trips & Programs FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What are the hours of the Landfill of North Iowa (LNI)? The Landfill…

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  • TARP – Transportation Assistance

    TARP – Transportation Assistance

    Transportation Assistance Reimbursement Program (TARP) Think there are no free rides? If the destination is the Landfill of North Iowa’s Education…

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  • Education Center

    Education Center

    15942 Killdeer Ave. Clear Lake, IA 50428 1-877-LANDFIL

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  • Tours


    Facility Tours Tours of the Landfill of North Iowa are available and scheduled through the Education Coordinator. Our tours are…

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  • Links & Resources

    Links & Resources

    Writing a paper? Wondering about recent environmental legislation? Need some information fast? Then you’re at the right place! Here is…

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  • Batteries & Bulbs

    Batteries & Bulbs

    NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED Don’t throw those batteries away! Batteries contain materials that are both hazardous and recyclable. It’s good environmental…

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  • Yard Waste/Compost

    Yard Waste/Compost

    Why compost yard waste? Yard waste is banned from Iowa landfills, pursuant to the Iowa Waste Reduction and Recycling Act…

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  • Residential Household Hazardous Materials

    Residential Household Hazardous Material

    Landfill of North Iowa Regional Collection Center (RCC) for Household Hazardous Materials (HHM) What is the Regional Collection Center (RCC)?…

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  • Biohazard Sharps Program

    Biohazard Sharps Program

    For safety reasons, please do not put needles or containers with needles into your garbage or recycling. Landfill of North…

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  • Appliances


    If your old appliance doesn’t work, see if your retailer can remove it for you when you buy a new…

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  • Business Credit Application

    Business Credit Application

    Click here to download LNI’s Credit Application

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    E-CYCLING = RECYCLING ELECTRONICS Why E-cycle? Unfortunately, discarding of electronics is one of the fastest-growing segments of our nation’s waste.…

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  • Free Products

    Free Products

    Free products for Landfill of North Iowa Residents LNI residents “recycle” their hazardous materials by bringing leftover products such as…

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  • Iowa Waste Exchange

    Iowa Waste Exchange

    The Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE) finds new uses for items businesses no longer want or need. Since 1990 the IWE has matched…

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  • Wood Waste/Wood Chips & Animal Bedding

    Wood Waste/Wood Chips & Animal Bedd

    Woodwaste is made up of discarded materials from processes such as door and window manufacturing, cabinet manufacturing, pallet reclamation, and…

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  • Business Hazardous Materials

    Business Hazardous Materials

    Business If you’re a business in the Landfill of North Iowa service area and generate hazardous materials, you may be…

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  • Biohazard Sharps Program

    Biohazard Sharps Program

    Are needles, syringes or lancets used as a part of your business? Landfill of North Iowa provides small businesses with…

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